Mike MacDougall

Personal Work - Storyboards

This is a project I completed after work hours for fun. The storyboards were completed in Photoshop. 

Production Work Promo - Storyboards

15 second promo I storyboarded and directed.  Done in Storyboard Pro.

I edited the 15 second promo with music in Storyboard Pro.


Production Work Samples - Sketches, and Beat Boards

Story Sketches - completed in Sketchbook Pro.

Transformation Sequence


Reusable Action Moves


Beat Boards - completed in Storyboard Pro.

Personal Work - Storyboards

Another project I completed after hours for fun. The storyboards were completed in Storyboard Pro.

Some Design Work, and Sketches.

Sketchbook Sample

Production Work

Storyboards completed in Storyboard Pro.


Fresh Beat Band of Spies

Link to Fresh Beat Band Complete Storyboard